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One of the things I love about the family Pacifica PHEV is it's auxillary heating. It will deliver surprisingly adequate cabin heat without running the engine at all. You get a few really nice things this way:

1) We still see high 20's range on full EV even in the winter.
2) We're getting immediate heat from the jump. An attached garage kept PHEV will be comfortable in only a minute or two.
3) I can completely pre-heat the cabin while still docked and not lose a mile of range (schedule).

While I could count on heated seats and etc, that means nothing for kids in car seats, so..

Mind you Chrysler has been perfecting the minivan for a long time. Meanwhile the Sorento/Santa Fe twins have to run their gas engines to deliver even an erg of cabin heat. Not at all ideal in the midwest, canada, etc. for late fall, winter, and early spring. This, and the lack of standard cruise, keeps my from buying one.

Now, my question:
Does the Tuscon have electric aux heat, or maybe a heat pump?

Thanks all!

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