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Unidentified sharp bang!

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So, I took my 2022 Tuscan to the dealer and they managed to fix most of the noise coming out of the dashboard as it expanded in the sun.

Today I was driving it and got about 2 miles from home when a loud, sharp bang came from somewhere on the passenger side of the car. First thought was someone took a shot at me! I kept going another few miles to my destination and wondered if the sunroof glass has spontaneously cracked or maybe the right front door glass but could see nothing.
I cycled the windows and sunroof which revealed no damage. When I exited I checked the passenger side for damage. Nothing to see. No bullet holes, not stone chips, no cracked glass. Nothing.
I was only driving 32mph. I wouldn't expect to kicked up a stone that was that loud. It was so sharp and loud I thought for sure I'd find some type of damage. But Nothing.
Anyone else experience anything like this?
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