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USB Ports and Data

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It appears that there is only 1 USB data port. The others are just for USB power.

Is there any way to run 2 devices on the same USB data post?

I am using a small USB drive to carry by 500G of music and want to also use Android Auto. Both need the USB data post.

Any suggestions....
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I tried plugging in a usb hub and it does not work. The left hand port only supports one usb device plugged into and the right port is only for charging or at least that is how it is on my Ultimate PHEV in canada.
Does the USB data port on the Tucson also charge the connected device? If not, a self-powered hub won't work. (I don't have my Tucson yet to test this. The online Owner's Manual doesn't say.)

Even if it is a charging port, there might not be enough "juice" to run the hub and two devices. Kevinrobedm - Was the hub you tried AC-powered or self-powered? If the hub has optional AC power, I would suggest trying that just to see if a hub will even work with the Hyundai UI.

If the USB data port is a charging port, and if an AC-powered hub does work, then it may take some experimentation to find out if there is a hub that will work in self-powered mode in the Tucson. Some hubs are finicky about power.

I found this little puppy, but it won't charge your phone. No problem if you are using the wireless charging pad. (Also looks like they have discontinued the item, so availability is unknown.)

This has 4 ports. StarTech is a good brand.

This has an interesting form factor.

As an alternative, you should be able to switch between the devices, using one device at a time. More convenient than switching cables. I found these. You would also need two USB A Female to USB B Male adapters.

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The one I tried was usb powered, but it would not see even one usb drive connected to it.
The one I tried was usb powered, but it would not see even one usb drive connected to it.
I did some major editing on my reply. If you plug just your phone into the data port does it charge the phone? Do you have an AC-powered hub to try?
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