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Ok guys don't know if this has already been covered but I can't stand the beeps the car does when opening the boot! At 5am every morning, sometimes earlier, I take the dog out for his run, he obviously travels in the boot, but it's so annoying opening it when everyone is trying to sleep especially in summer when people have their windows open and they hear the beeps, god forbid the occasion when you catch it as its closing and it stops midway, only to find that it beeps again when you press the button to proceed with closing but instead it starts to open up again so you press the button to stop it, then have to press it again to close it to yet more beeps!!! by which time curtains are twitching with annoyed and confused neighbours, dare I even mention how amplified this is when getting something out of the boot on a peaceful country campsite....!
Really Hyundai..... have a button for quiet mode for these types of occasions
Finally don't even get me started on the 5 Beeps the boot does for proximity as as step out of my house!
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