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Just purchased a 2022 limited. Hyundai literature and brochure state that ALL trim levels have an acoustic laminated windshield.

I have gone over the whole entire windshield with a fine tooth comb and I do not see any of the required markings that indicate the windshield is acoustic.

Our 2017 Tucson has the acoustic glass markings on the windshield. Our 2022 does not.

My wife has the car right now so I can't get a pic at the moment. The passenger side bottom corner is where the glass specs are. It should have a capital "A" or just say "Acoustic", none of which are present, the word soundscreen is only for Ford products. How to Tell If You Have an Acoustic Windshield?

This is very troubling an acoustic windshield help cuts noise into the cabin significantly, but most importantly Hyundai is says it has it, but I don't see how it can without the acoustic spec indicator on the glass.

If others can check their glass markings to see if you have the same situation that would be much appreciated!
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