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With a heavy heart, I must bid adieu!

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It’s with a heavy heart, I must bid you all goodbye.
Last week we traded our Tucson for a new Santa Fe Hybrid. We wanted a hybrid from the beginning, but do to obvious shortages last year, we settled for the 2.5. It was still a great car, but we wanted a little bigger interior and the hybrid experience.
I will miss the great conversations and tips and hints from all the community on this forum.
I wish you all many happy miles and a happy life going forward ! Best wishes to all!
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Pretty easy, really! It’s always starts off the way ( especially with the backing out of the garage, I sound like a garbage truck backing up ). If you keep a light touch, even runs on EV pretty easily! So far I get about 35.5 mpg, but we’ll see how good once I get some mikes on it!
We originally were looking at the ‘24 Santa Fe, but it sounded like it was going to a weird design.
Well ok, you answered a couple ??, but created a new one. Waiting until '24's for either the refresh or actual 'all-new design!' seemed like the default, but the 'weird design' thing you mention semi-answers that. So since no sense waiting I can see the 'want the bigger interior' means a bigger SUV, and the bigger total hp that has to push it. But that also checks the box for 'want and the hybrid experience' as well = pretty crafty.

Now the new question is just how you know about next year's new design. I ain't looked around yet, but how can one get an advance look at this new 'weird design'? Not that I care about buying one, but it's gonna have to be a good deal 'bigger' everything as the newest Tucson pretty much matched it in many aspects (actually LARGER seats down rear payload !!). And interesting if the American market will get a 3rd row stuffed in.
Beautiful. Curious if they gave you a good trade in value?
Welcome to the Tucson Forum. And I get letters, yes real letters, and in envelopes too (not just chintzy cardboard mailers), from both the selling dealer plus more from a couple other sources, all urgently pleading for me to 'fully understand' that my vehicle is highly desirable and marketable and they want to buy it. Immediately!
I'm just grateful my trash service takes paper recycling.
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